Q & A; Using MISSPELLED keywords for higher rankings; Links to websites related to searchengine positioning / placement, meta tag development ...

Using MISSPELLED keywords for higher
; Links to websites related to
searchengine positioning / placement,
meta tag development ...

Q:  Why is it so impressive that your website has high rankings on many search engines?

A:  High Higher Highest Rankings on Search Engines was created and optimized in late November 2001.  In just a few months, our rankings on numerous keyword phrases have zoomed past thousands of web designers who claim to be specialists in this field.

Q:  Why did you misspell the word, enginees, in the Title of this page and searchengine in the page's header? (See the blue bar at the top of your monitor and header at the top of this webpage).

A:  A good web designer will include misspelled and uncommon spellings of words on a webpage as people use them as their search words.  Since "search enginees and searchengines" are the #1 misspelled phrases that people use when trying to type "search engines", I used them throughout this website (especially this webpage) as way to get high rankings with those terms.  Other misspelled keywords or keywords with dual spellings include:  serch - searh, website - web site, websites - web sites, web page - webpage, web pages - webpages, web designer - webdesigner, searchengine - searchengines, serch engins - serch engin, key words - keywords, meta tags - metatags, meta tag - metatag, optimisation (British spelling) - optimization (American spelling), etc. 

Q:  Does your website list all of your web design secrets so we can get the same rankings that you get?

A:  All no, some yes.  If I listed all of my secrets, then there would be no need for you to hire me.  I'd also be training hundreds of webdesigners as competitors that took me nearly a year to develop.

Q:  What are the top 10 search engines, and which ones give the best results?

A:  Yahoo is the most widely used by people, but it's a directory is  not a search engine.  On Yahoo you are first shown data from Google that is combined with Yahoo Directory Listings.  You can click on the "directory" button at the top of the page if you desire to only view Yahoo Directory Listings.  Google data is also used by AOL, Iwon, Netscape, Canada, Yahoo, and many other search engines.  Hence, I think Google is the most important followed by MSN.

NOTE:  StatMarket reports that 88.86% of the approximately 319 million searchengine queries per day come from:

1. Google - (In April 2004, they accounted for 41% of the search engine traffic).
2. Yahoo
3. Msn
4. Aol
5. AltaVista
6. Go Network
7. Lycos
8. Excite

Q:  How can I check on my popularity ranking to see how many webpages are linked to my Home page?

A:  Google gives bonus points for a high popularity rankings.  Other searchengines might not care.  Some searchengines allow you to find this information by typing in your URL (Uniform Resource Locator) in their search box:

  • AltaVista, Google - http://www.(domain name)

  • AllTheWeb, Lycos, HotBot, Yahoo, Webcrawler, Iwon, Teoma, AskJeeves, Netscape, Wisenut, Searchhippo - 
    www.(domain name)

* NOTE:  Your own sub-pages might not show up as they could be using (domain name)/index.html or default.html to link to your Home page.

Q:  Where can I go to find out who owns a domain name and/or how much time is left on the ownership of my domain names?

A:  Go WhoIs.com

Q:  Where can I find out how to create good meta tags?

A:  There are a ton of websites that have information on this topic.  Try these:  MetaTags, SearchEngineWatch, Free Meta Tag Tool.

Q:  When I print webpages they generally don't look the same as when viewing them on the monitor.  Why?

A:  Computers have different graphic modes to display data on the screen.  In today's world monitors are generally set to display at 800 x 600 dpi or 1024 x 768 dpi.  Printers don't change their setup and people have the margins set differently.  Hence, when you print a page the text might shift around slightly.  Also, many people don't have their browser set to print background colors.  Since most websites use background colors in cells and tables, of course the webpage looks different when you print it if your browser has this feature turned off.  (Check your browser's online help command to see how to turn this feature on or off.  In IE 5.0 you click on Tools:Internet Options; click on the Advanced tab; scroll down and place a check mark in the box - "Print Background Colors and Images".) 



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