Services include web design, high - higher - highest optimization of websites for a top search engine ranking, keyword analysis, consultant to company web designers.

Our services include web design, high - higher - highest optimization of websites for a top search engine ranking, keyword analysis, or act as a consultant to company web designers.

Web Design - This all depends on the size of the project, amount of text per page, and the number of graphic images that need to be created, scanned, etc.  For web design work, there are 4 types of fees we might consider:

  • Generally we charge between $2,000 - $5,000 per website.  1/2 payment upfront.

  • Bartering for services or products.

  • We might charge only a monthly service fee and no upfront fee.

  • Or like the pay-per-click search engines, we'll charge your company a monthly fee for each visitor that comes to your website with no upfront costs.

Guaranteed Website Optimization For A High Ranking - Starts at $1,000 and goes up depending on the number of pages that need to be optimized.  Many times I have to totally re-do a poorly designed website.  1/2 payment upfront.

Monitoring of Rankings - $20 per month for generating a detailed monthly search engine ranking report or $50 for one report on the top 17 search engines / directories using your top 20 keywords.

Keywords To Use On Website For High Rankings - For $200, generally we can give you a list of 200+ phrases to target.  Each phrase shows often people are trying those keywords into search engines on a daily basis.

Pay Per Click Management - Pay Per Click search engines like Overture have increased the value of top 3 positions on search engines like AOL, Lycos, HotBot, MSN, etc.  as they are listed as Feature or Partner Sponsors.  Bidding on the right keywords will greatly increase traffic to your website.  At $50 per hour, we'll study statistical data to find out which keywords will give your website a higher ranking and then write proper metatags / meta tags.

Hourly Consulting - $500 plus $50 per hour.  $500 upfront.

Reviewing a Site -  Free 10-minute review.

Barter - Yes we would consider bartering our services.



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Before the creation of your website, hire someone to do research on what phrases are really used on search engines.

SEO = search
engine optimizer

Hire a SEO
professional if you desire high rankings.

Ask a SEO for a list of 5 recent websites that get top 10 rankings on 5 search engines.

Use keywords
in text.

Monitor your rankings as they are always changing.