Grand Rapids website designer, who other Michigan web designers look to for advice, knows the latest tips and legal tricks for getting the best search engine rankings using 10 techniques during optimizations and web site promotions.

Grand Rapids, Michigan website designer who knows the legal techniques for obtaining the best rankings using 10 steps to maximize search engine optimizations & site promotions.

Bill Hamilton of Grand Rapids, MichiganWe use the following tools and resources to get high rankings on websites:

  • use statistics from a 330 million database that tells us what keyword phrases people are using on search engines.  Ex: It was estimated that 150 people per day typed in the keywords, website designers, at search engines while 134 people per day typed it in as web site designers.  Hence we took this statistic into account when we created our Titles, Meta Tags, and page content.  The net result should be higher rankings on these important phrases which draws more potential customers to our webpages.

  • other than JavaScript programs, we limit our use of other web programs as they tend to lower the rankings of websites.

  • minimal use of cells and tables in the design of websites as they also lower the number of keywords indexed on search engines.

  • run web pages through a optimization software program to tell us how many times we used our key words on a page.

  • hand submit web sites to the major search engines so we can customize our submissions for each search engine.

  • use proven layouts that get high rankings.

  • follow-up on submissions to ensure that sites get ranked high; make modifications to web pages that don't get listed on the first 3 pages.

  • know what search engines are most important for high rankings.

  • spend a great deal of time on meta tags, page titles, and where keywords appear on the pages.

  • use a web editor and limit the use of proprietary  programs.

  • test our websites using new versions of IE and Netscape.

  • if interested in local business, use as text your region and state name (West Michigan) and names of surrounding cities:  Grand Haven, Michigan; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Holland, Michigan; Lansing, Michigan; Muskegon, Michigan; Wyoming, Michigan.

  • (optional) - compress the web pages so more key words get indexed.

Bill Hamilton is the owner of High Higher Highest Rankings on Search Engines.   His office is located near Grand Rapids, Michigan in the suburbs of Wyoming, MI.  Here is a synopsis of his work experience from present day backward.

  • web designer since 1999 specializing in searchVisit the only website that didn't get high rankings. engine optimization since August 2000.
  • designed and published Winners' BEAT - educational workbooks based on popular music to assist teens and ESL adults in improving their English skills.  The web designer that I hired to create the Winners' BEAT website failed to get me high rankings.  Thus, the business stalled so I purchased books, join ranking associations, and learned why I didn't get good rankings.  This lead to my career as a web designer who specializes in getting sites top rankings.
  • former adult education computer teacher and IBM-PC and Microsoft Trainer for CompUSA in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • for 7 years sold computers and networks to school districts.
  • taught English in a Costa Rican language school while assisting a brother in the start-up phrases with his Costa Rica resort hotel near Arenal.  He also owns the Costa Rica Playa Hermosa Hotel.
  • 6 years of experience running a 5-county federal youth program in Michigan; elementary teacher 


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If you're interested in local business, use as text your state name (Michigan / MI) and names of surrounding cities. EX: Grand Haven, Grand Rapids, Holland, Lansing, Muskegon, Wyoming. 

Use a web designer who knows how to create meta tags

Use this color mixer program to find the code of any color.

For best rankings, pay a web designer to constantly tweak and improve your website.

Be care of web designers like "Traffic-", as they added illegal doorway pages to sites which caused search engines to ban the entire websites.

Free software to make favicons.