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What if ... 
You Built A Website 
And Nobody Came?

We are an expert SEO website design
company specializing in affordable search
optimization ranking of any site for
higher / high rankings on search engines.

Search engine optimizations and web site promotions are the keys for getting top 10 rankings on the best search engines.  We use a custom software program that lists the last 319 million keyword phrases used on the leading search engines.  This program helps us to predict what keywords people will use on search engines.  This knowledge, combined with our search engine optimization skills, is why we are the SEO professionals who get the best webpage rankings on our customers' websites;  1st place listings mean higher hits which leads to higher company profits.


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Before this web site was created, we already knew which of the above phrases were used most often by people looking to hire a SEO web design optimization firm.  We used this information to optimize our ranking position.   See Q&A to understand why keywords (searchengines, search engines) should be spelled differently.

As a SEO web positioning agency, we also offer one free searchengine ranking report.  If this report doesn't show top 10 rankings on the popular searchengines for numerous keyword phrases, we can design or improve your web site for higher listings.

Below are two websites that were completed by Bill Hamilton of High Higher Highest Rankings.  Both have highlighted keywords that the companies wanted top rankings on search engines.  Click on highlighted keywords next to each company's website photo and it will take you to, a meta search engine.  The first listing on is their #1 overall listing on their top search engines.  Under the search criteria is a number showing how many web pages were a match for your search.  Under the url are the web page rankings for that keyword expression on each searchengine.  Go to OUR CLIENTS Page to view other results.

Go to Digilube
Manufacturer of 
Conveyor Lubricators  & Lube
Digilube Systems was the first website we did in 1999 and improved in 2007.  In two months the website paid for itself.  It has top listings for 30+ keywords on the top 10 search engines which is why the company hasn't upgraded the look of the web site for fear of loosing their top ranking positions.

View Their Website Rankings

View a Report 

Testimonial -- "It's unbelievable how high our web rankings have soared on the top ten search engines.  Before Bill optimized our web site, it rarely generated any new leads for our company.  Now we have the best rankings on numerous keyword phrases and get new leads and sales every week".  Rocky Willis - Sales Manager

Have you noticed that most SEO website designers claim to get high rankings but don't show you their own rankings?  As an ethical SEO Leader, we're not ashamed.  Most top 10 search engines have re-indexed our site with high rankings on many phrases like:
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